Butterfly Challenge

Your Step-By-Step 14-Day Roadmap to a Wider Butterfly Flare, Looser Hips, and More Saves.

There are four pillars of flexibility for hockey goalies and just like the pillars that hold up a Greek temple, they are all important – you cannot take one away and maintain the integrity of the structure.


Baker's Buddy

The best multi-purpose baking tool. Add layers, lookup baking instructions, customize add-ons, track payments, manage contact information, and more - all in one place.
● Lookup baking times, materials, and temperatures for all cake shapes
● Track Payments and Remaining Balance
● Single-click access to Call, SMS, or Email customers


Midway Church - Pilot Point,TX

This app is your entry point to Midway and provides the following:
● Details for Upcoming Events
● Quick access to this weeks Bulletin
● Sermon Notes to follow along with during services
● Video Library of all current and past Announcements


own church

own church is an amazingly simple way to access 90,000+ churches of all denominations. Whether you are looking for a new church or want to stay connected and socialize with other members of your current church - this app is for you!    more...